Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Brutus

Hello, and welcome to my "new" place to blog. Tonight I've been downloading the many many photos from my camera. There were over 180 pictures from the beginning of the year, most of which were from Honesty's wedding in February. Those are not the one's which I want to share with you. Instead, I want to introduce you to the newest addition to the Dilley family -- baby Brutus!

Isn't he just the cutest?!?

Brutus and Daddy had a great time playin' in the snow during the Blizzard of 2008. While he loves the snow, Brutus does not love the rain. We had an "incident" during his first bathtime and now he's a little hestitant going out in the rain. Oopsie!

Brutus loves playin' around with "bear." Funny thing is, Brutus isn't much bigger than "bear."

And after a long, hard day at play, Brutus curls up with either Mommy or Daddy and goes to sleep. Well, almost.....