Friday, October 14, 2011

my book wish-list from "The Nines" conference

A week or so ago I attended an online conference called "The Nines."  Well, I didn't really attend all of it.  Ok, I really only watched a few minutes of it.  But that's not my fault.  I blame my internet connection.  It wasn't cooperating that day.

Anyway, "The Nines" had over 100 speakers over a 10 hour time period.  Many of the speakers are also authors, and today I spent A LOT of time browsing an online bookstore checking out their books, trying to determine which ones I'd like to read.  Here's my list:

Real-Time Connections: Linking Your Job to God's Global Work & Glocalization by Bob Roberts
Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture by Brandon Hatmaker
For the City by Darrin Patrick
Spiritual Warfare & Missions by Ed Stetzer
Dangerous Church by John Bishop
Primal by Mark Batterson
Change the World by Michael Slaughter
The Surge by Pete Brisco
The Poor Will Be Glad by Peter Greer
Compelled by Love by Phillip Nation
Missional Communities by Reggie McNeal
This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley
Simply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People for Ministry by Tim Stevens
Awakening a Passion for Heaven on Earth by Ted Dekker (ok, this one isn't from "The Nines," but I found it while looking through all "The Nines" books, and Ted's one of my fave authors, so....)

Looks like a great list, huh?

As I was thinking about how I would like to read all these books, I thought to myself that surely some of my friends may own one or two of these books.  Or knows someone that owns them.  Or maybe knows someone who might be willing to let me borrow them.  :)

I'm a good borrower, I promise.  And I'm a quick reader, so I won't have them long.

Whaddya think?  Got any of the above books I can borrow?