Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crazy Love: Jewelry Give-Away Edition!

Photo by (c) denisedilley

If you've been paying any attention at all to my Facebook and Twitter feeds recently, you'll know that I'm leading two teams of amazing people from Centerpoint to Chicago and Mexico this summer! We'll be showing Crazy Love to anyone and everyone we meet. That might sound a little weird, but Crazy Love is doing the little things, like sharing a meal with someone or buying a cup of coffee for a stranger. It's about listening to the stories of others and sharing our own. It's about building and continuing relationships. At it's core, Crazy Love is about showing folks the same grace and mercy that Jesus has shown us.

Grace and mercy. My life is rich with stories of Jesus extending these wonderful gifts. Often times I forget these stories, or maybe I don't so much forget but hide from them. Because, let's be honest, who wants to admit our faults? Our shame? Our deepest darkest secrets? Yet Jesus has covered each misstep, every word spoken in anger, all the lies, and the crap I just want to keep tucked away in the back of the closet with His grace and mercy. This is Crazy Love, my friends.

Crazy Love is beautiful.

A few weeks ago I asked the talented Krysten Case of Fancy Freedom Designs if she would create a piece of jewelry with the words Crazy Love on it. I wanted something to remind me of the beautiful gifts Jesus generously extends every single day. I also wanted to share this gift with at least one of my friends who've been such a blessing to me by giving so generously towards my trips to Chicago and Mexico. But Krysten is so generous, she donated two additional pieces of jewelry to give away!

You guys, I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to give away these beautiful creations made by Krysten! Here's the deal: each person who donates to my online fundraiser through Crowdrise will be entered to win either a Crazy Love necklace or a Crazy Love bracelet! (If you've already donated, don't worry, you're still eligible to win! And THANK YOU for already giving!) Once I reach my goal of $1350, three winners will randomly be selected. The winners will have their choice of necklace or bracelet. (I have one necklace and two bracelets to give away, both pictured above. Aren't they amazing?!)

Not only should you donate to my Crazy Love trips, but you should totally go check out Krysten's Fancy Freedom Design store and buy something! Not only does she make beautiful jewelry, she donates a percentage of her proceeds towards an organization who combats human trafficking right here in Central Ohio. She gets this whole idea of Crazy Love, which is one of the things I really appreciate about her. 

If you can't give, that's OK. Will you pray? Pray not only for us, but those we will meet on the streets of Chicago and of Mexico. For those we'll meet on the plane or bus or El train. For those who are already faithfully showing Crazy Love each and every day in Chicago and Mexico.

Thank you, friends, for joining me on this beautiful journey!