Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Read-A-Long

For the past six weeks, my church - Centerpoint - has been doing a series called "Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales."  By far, my most favorite part of the series was the ladies even we held with a special guest speaker.  Our speaker was Marla Taviano and she had the fun task of talking to us ladies all about s-e-x.  Marla was flippin' hilarious, and I loved every minute of her talk.  She was funny, engaging, and most important, genuine.  Sex is a touchy subject, yet she was very open and honest.  It was refreshing.

Anyway, ever since the ladies event a few weeks ago, I've started reading Marla's blog, became her Facebook friend, and follow her on Twitter.  About an hour ago, she published a new blog post that excited me!  You all know how I LOVE to read.  Well, Marla is doing a "Summer Read-A-Long" beginning in June.  She chose the book "Evolving in Monkey Town" by Rachel Held Evans, an author/blogger/speaker.  I bought this book about a year ago at a discount store but put it away and never read it.  Funny enough, I found it in my office yesterday while digging through some stuff.

This is who Marla says should read the book:

If you’re a Christian and you’ve ever doubted some things you’d consider Essentials of the Faith–and it scared you to death–you should read this book.
If you’re a Christian who is 100% certain about every single one of your beliefs, you should read this book.
If you don’t consider yourself a Christian and want a little more insight into us crazy folk, you should read this book.
As part of the Read-A-Long, Marla's going to have an open discussion on her blog.  Anyone is open to join.  I'll be following along, and will probably post my thoughts every now and then.  Please feel free to join me!!

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