Monday, June 18, 2012

Mondays Suck (So Lets Do Something About It)

Mondays typically get a bad rap & for good reason.  Monday mornings come way too early and seem to drag on forever.  Nothing ever seems to go right.  Mondays are just terrible days.  They're not just terrible; they're manic.  The Greek word for manic is manikos, meaning "inclined to madness."  Yep.  Fits Mondays perfectly.

And I'm not alone in my thinking.

Mondays are so bad it's the day most people are likely to commit suicide or have a heart attack.

Yeah, Mondays are THAT bad.  

So I'm taking Monday back.

That's right.  I will no longer be defined by this day.  Instead, I choose to rejoice in Monday.  

It's going to be hard considering for years, possibly even decades, Monday has been my least favorite day of the week.  But I'm determined to put a positive spin on the worst day of the week.  


I'm challenging myself to find at least one positive thing in my day & blog about it.  If you hate Mondays as much as me, join me!  Just maybe we can make the worst day of the week the best of the week.  Anything possible, right?

Do you absolutely, positively HATE Mondays?  If so, will you join me in the Manic Monday challenge?