Sunday, June 13, 2010

peace poem

Yesterday was a rough day.  To release some of what was going on in my head and heart, I wrote a poem.  Poetry is definitely not my thing, so it's not well written.  But I wanted to share it anyway:

Praying for peace in the middle east
And across the street
Will it ever end?
Keep trying to mend
The broken pieces keep slipping through my hand
Maybe I'll go bury my head in the sand

What do you do when you're having an emotionally rough day?


joshuamdilley said...

its very well written :) Upon examination I see frustation and sadness but what emerges is hope, love and compassion

Terah Ramsey said...

I love it! It was actually very well written and it definately gets the message across and hopefully releases a little something. I always find myself writing when I am in a tough spot. I use to do ti all the time and I have gotten away from it. Humz, I think I have just been inspired!

Jan Mader said...

I do exactly what you did, Denise...I write!

FYI...I really liked your poem. I recently went back and found something that I had put on my blog last year.

Chicken Soup for the Soul had a call for submissions on that topic so I submitted my piece. It's an easy way to write for publication without even trying!