Friday, July 23, 2010

family means everything

Meet my family!

Top L-R: Josh (my husband), Matt (holding Noah), and Brandon
Bottom L-R: me, Chrissy (holding Hayden), Ashley (holding Hannah), Daisy, Amber (holding Isaiah), Tonya, and Stephanie
My family is big, crazy, and wonderful!  We're a mixed group, kinda like the Brady bunch.  My mom has three kids - me, Brandon, and Matt.  My step-dad has three kids - Chrissy, Ashley, and Stephanie.  My older brother, Brandon, and his girlfriend, Tonya, have Daisy.  My younger brother, Matt, and his wife, Amber, have two wonderful, wild little boys, Isaiah & Noah.  My oldest stepsister, Chrissy, has one little boy, Hayden, while Ashely, the middle stepsister, has Hannah.  WOW!  What a wild bunch!

Family means everything to me.  My siblings & I are actually friends and enjoy hanging out with each other.  Well, I enjoy hanging out with them...not so sure if they actually enjoy hanging out with me.  :)  But I love them.  And I know that I can call them at any time if I need anything, and they know they can do the same with me. 

My family hasn't always had an easy time of life.  But throughout the journey, we stay close to each other, embracing each other through the hard times.  We help each other out.  Even when it's probably better if we didn't.  That's what family does.  Family is there for it all. 

Now that you've met my family, introduce me to yours!

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