Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Respond to Manic Mondays

Hello Monday.

From the moment the office opened, it was a crazy day.

The phones rang non-stop.

The waiting room flooded with customers.

The work seemed never-ending.

And it was such a beautiful day!

Wait. What?

How can a crazy-busy Monday be beautiful?

This morning as I was readying myself for the day, I was reminded of a phrase I heard frequently as my days as a missionary - "walk in the opposite spirit." Most of the time this was said in terms of how to respond to others. But today I applied it the spirit of the day. 

What do I mean?

Mondays suck.

It's like Monday constantly has a bad attitude.

And it's my choice how I'm going to respond to it.

Do I respond with the same bad attitude?

Or do I walk in the opposite spirit?

Today I chose the latter. I chose to have a good attitude. 

My beautiful day included a gorgeous spring-like day, some one-on-one time with my mama, and breakfast for dinner with my husband.

How did you respond to this manic Monday?


Denise Dilley said...

"i chose to find the beautiful." love that line, denise! although my monday wasn't as hectic as your sounds like it was, it was still monday-ish. just kind of a blah day overall. but as my wife just told me: it had that travel hangover type feeling, which makes sense considering we were in california this weekend.

how did i respond to this monday? by reaching out and meeting a fellow blogger here in town for a drink and dinner after work. as much fun as it is to connect online, i love meeting folks in person. had a great conversation and meal. good god stuff, ya know?

Denise Dilley said...

I heard you saw snow during your visit to Cali. Must be nice! (I'm just a little bitter. We've not seen much snow in Ohio this year.)

Even though your Monday was blah, good for you for reaching out to a fellow blogger and meeting new people. That can be hard for us introverts, but it's necessary to take the first step sometimes.

Denise Dilley said...

ha! yes, saw snow in california this weekend. always kinda weird seeing snow, considering i only see it once every few years.

and i agree about reaching out. like a lot of things in life, starting is the hardest part. of course conversing online makes connecting in real life a lot easier in my opinion. :-)

Denise Dilley said...

True. Although sometimes it can just be weird and awkward. I'm trusting that wasn't the case for the two of you yesterday.