Friday, August 6, 2010

meet my family, part 2

Meet the Dilley's!

L-R: Lois, Mike, Sarah, Josh, and me at Sarah's graduation from Kent State

Three years ago I married into the most wonderful family!  Many people complain about their in-laws, but my in-laws are truly the best.  From the day Josh and I started dating, they embraced me as one of their own and made me part of the family. 

Mike & Lois (my in-laws) are both generous to a fault, and always think of others needs before their own. They're hardworking, down-to-earth, loving people.  For nearly 20 years, they have owned a grocery store in New Holland, Ohio.  A couple of months ago the Columbus Dispatch wrote an article about them, as well as made a short video that captures the kind of people my in-laws truly are.  (Click here to watch the video!)  They're one-of-a-kind...and I love that I'm apart of this family!

My sister-in-law, Sarah, is an added blessing.  She's super-smart, creative, and adventurous!  She is also extremely kind and thoughtful.  A year ago in March, Sarah married Josh's best friend, Dave.  So now the family has extended to include him and his two children, Cailynn and Christopher. 

God has truly blessed me with my own family and my extended family! 

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Jan Mader said...

Nice to meet you Dilley's! I love all of my daughter's-in-law so I can relate to a relationship like yours. Too often you hear just the opposite.