Friday, September 19, 2014

Hold On To Every Minute

Today I'm joining up with the Five Minute Friday community where we write with abandon for five minutes. No editing, no backtracking... just writing. Here ya go...

Sometimes life just doesn't quite turn out the way you thought it was going to. People change. Your job changes. Maybe you moved halfway across the country to pursue a relationship thinking it would end up in happily-ever-after and it wound up in divorce.

Who knows.

Whatever the situation is (or was), I'm reminded today that life is precious. Moments are precious. Things may change. Life may be good or it may be the worst it's ever been.

But this life we have, it's the only one we get.

When I saw this quote from Karen Kingsbury today, I was reminded that every minute we get here on Earth could be the last. It reminded me to hold tight to every single minute I get with my husband, with my mom and step-dad, with my brothers, nephews & nieces, and with my very best friends.

These minutes/moments are what sustain us during the bad times. When the worst of times overwhelm us and we want to give up. When all we have are memories.

Today I'm remembering the good times. I'm holding onto those cherished moments and praying for more to come.


Denise Dilley said...

Thanks for this much needed reminder, Denise. Visiting from Five Minute Friday. Blessings to you.

Denise Dilley said...

Thanks for visiting! Blessings!

Denise Dilley said...

You are right. Life is so very precious. The memories we have are what helps us to hold on through the bad times. Blessings to you today.

Denise Dilley said...

Blessings to you as well!