Monday, January 7, 2013

It's the Little Things

Today is the first Monday of 2013.

I had high hopes that the first Monday of the new year would be a good, calm day. There was no reason why it shouldn't have been. Except it's Monday. And Monday is almost always crazy.

If you've been around this blog long enough, you know that I chose back in June to do something about sucky Mondays. I challenged myself to not allow Mondays to define the rest of my week. Instead, I chose to find the positive things throughout the day to focus on and blog about them.

Since June, I've found that blogging on Mondays has really kept me accountable in focusing on the positive things in life. And not just on Mondays either. It's becoming easier to find good things, little things, beautiful things to concentrate on each and every day.

Today was no different. It was a crazy, manic Monday. But I was blessed today by something little - a sale on a bottle of detergent AND a coupon for $1.00 off said detergent left behind by a kind stranger. It really is the little things that make my day.  :)

You know what else would make my day? If you would join me in the Manic Monday challenge this year! It's simple. All you have to do is find one positive thing about your Monday and write about it on your blog. Don't have a blog? That's OK! Come back here every Monday and tell me your positive thing in the comments. Or, you can tweet/update your Facebook status every Monday with your positive thing. It's that simple. And it would really make my Monday! ;)

So tell me, what little thing made your day today?

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Anonymous said...

Just being alive and well is a great reason to shout!!!!