Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Find the Good

Ok, so today isn't Monday, but I was away from the computer most of the evening & didnt have a chance to write my usual Manic Monday post. My apologies!

Needless to say, yesterday was a typical Monday.  The phone rang constantly at work and customers were streaming through the door.  I was told that since it's fair week, the office is going to be quiet.  Not so yesterday!

But, something unusual happened yesterday - I was completely rested, calm, and even a little happy. The tone in my voice surprised me as I greeted customers on the phone.  I even had a lot of patience for the difficult ones.

Monday was a great day at work.

The rest of the day & evening were just as great!  I spent the evening with my best friend.  We laughed, reminisced, had dinner, and just enjoyed our time together.  So much so that I lost track of time & didn't get home til midnight! (My husband wasn't too thrilled about that...oops....sorry babe!)

Here's the thing - Monday does not have to be the terrible day that it often is. 

My goal of finding the good in Mondays is becoming a little easier with each passing week.  My hope is that you're able to do the same - find the good.  Make the choice to be positive.  It makes all the difference.

How was your Monday?  Leave a comment & tell me one good thing about your day!

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