Monday, July 30, 2012

5AM Wake Up Call

Hello, Monday.  You came very, very early today.

Today started with a 5AM wake up call.  My step-dad called to make sure I was awake.  He knows I'm not a morning person.  He also knows I sleep until the very last minute.  But today I needed to be awake early. 

Why so early, you ask?

On Friday my mom fell and broke her arm.  It is a break which requires surgery, unfortunately.  Today was her follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  It was scheduled for 7am, but with the use of only one arm, little things we take for granted take much much longer to do.

Getting dressed.  Brushing teeth.  Fixing hair.  Making coffee.

Yep, it takes twice the time to do all those things.

So I was my mom's extra arm this morning.  I helped her get ready, made her a cup of coffee, and loaded her up in the car to go to her appointment.  Thankfully the appointment didn't last long, just long enough to confirm the necessity of surgery and to schedule it.  We also got to watch a cool little demo of what the surgery will be like.  Then it was back into the car and home.

What's the good in all of this?  I got to spend extra time with my mom.  She's pretty special and I never get to spend enough time with her (even though I live right across the street from her). 

Also, Mom's fall & upcoming surgery remind me that humanity is fragile, yet have such strength and determination.  It's a strange contradiction.  Frailty vs. strength.  But that's how we're made. 

We fall.  We get hurt.  Sometimes we even break. 

With enough strength and determination, we can pick the pieces up and put ourselves back together again.  With His help, perhaps the new version of us will be even more stronger & beautiful than the original.

How has your day been so far?  Have you ever fallen & had to have help putting the pieces back together?

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Pilar Arsenec said...

I am sorry about your mom's fall and surgery. I will keep her in my prayers. Today was weird because it was my first day back to work after taking a week off. :/