Monday, July 2, 2012

Holy Hail!

Yup.  It's Monday.  Again.

It's also the first of the month.

And we had a hail storm yesterday.

Yup, manic Monday at its best.  :)

Work was crazy, to say the least.  The phones were ringing off the hook.  There were construction workers in and out of the office finishing up a project.  There were a constant stream of people coming through the front door.

The bright side?  FREE lunch from one of my favorite new places - The Lunch Box!

Oh, and being super duper crazy busy today just made the day go by so much faster.  

You see, there's ALWAYS a bright side to Manic Monday.  You just have to find it.  

What's the bright side from your day?


Denise Dilley said...

No tornado though, huh? That's good. :)
The bright side to my Monday was this: I am at my local Starbucks every. single. day. Literally. Baristas with the company get a free pound of coffee every week, called their "mark out". And today my friend gave me her "mark out". :) So I got a free pound of coffee today.

Denise Dilley said...

No tornado. Call me crazy, but I'd really like to see one! Just a small one, from a distance. One that doesn't cause harm. :)

Free coffee? And Starbucks coffee, at that? Awesome!

Denise Dilley said...

Glad to know my comment posted! lol. We had one come through Branson back in the Spring. FREAKED me out. Ive never been that scared in my entire life. lol. And I think by the time it came by my apartment, it was just high winds.