Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is Writers Unite Month

This summer I declared to the world that I'm a writer.  I started to blog more frequently, even creating a series called the Manic Monday Challenge.  I linked up with other bloggers, such as Lisa Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday, and Eileen Knowles who goes Into The Beautiful each Tuesday.  I even had a couple of guest posting gigs (Inspired by Love & Crazy Love) with Kirsten LeBlanc and Michael Perkins.

All these things are good.  

The above projects have enabled me to write more. They have allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and engage with new people, some who have become friends.

Yet I've lost a bit of my focus along the way.

My hope for my blog was to write about my heart, my passion, my faith.  And to some degree, I've done so.  But I've always focused so much on doing what others are doing, and writing what everyone else is writing.  My true heart and passion hasn't had a chance to come out because I've been trying too hard to be liked, to make friends.

As much as I want to be liked and to make friends, it's time for a change.

My friend Jim decided to start a writing revolution.  During the month of October, writers will unite to focus on writing what we really want to write.  For me, this involves four things:

1) Writing what I know I should be writing - my heart & passion of faith and outreach
2) Writing for an audience of One
3) Writing on my blog, but also in my journal
4) Encouraging other writers

Did you join the revolution? What is one thing you're working on?

P.S. Another thing I will do is work more on my fiction project.  Unfortunately, my fiction project has taken a serious backseat to blogging.  Oh, and remember that short story I said I was going to write by the end of September?  That didn't happen.  Yet.  While I make no promises to write it this month, I really want to write a short story some day soon.  

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Anonymous said...

Your comment about an "Audience of One," struck me. I am young in my path. If you have not read, "A Steadfast Surrender," you should. Soon.