Monday, October 1, 2012

Wet & Wild Monday

Hello Monday. We meet again.

This fine Monday began in the pre-dawn hours long before the sun peaked behind Mount Logan.  My precious slumber was interrupted by a fervent howl from Brutus, my black and silver Schnauzer baby.  His tummy has been upset for a couple of days, and this morning it caused him to wake early for a bowel movement.  

Lack of sleep coupled with the fact that today is the first of the month hampered any expectation that the day would produce any good.  Add a few dark clouds with a bit of rain, and what do you get?  A wet and wild day.

The office was in bit of a frenzy as is always the case on the first of the month.  The phone was ringing and the door was swinging, all day long. Not to mention the continued search from Friday for a misplaced file (that I am determined to find even if I have to turn the office upside down tomorrow).  

Even in the chaos, good is found.

One of my co-workers is celebrating the birth of a grandchild.

Another is celebrating marriage.

These are good things - birth, marriage, life.

My good came tonight at a meeting.  Seriously.

The leadership team of Centerpoint is simply amazing.  This group of family and friends are dedicated, hard-working, passionate people who genuinely love and care for one another.  Their love for Jesus and people are inspiring.  God couldn't have given me a better group of people to lead with and do life with.  (Love you guys!)

How was your Monday?  Share one good thing from your day in the comments!

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