Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday {Day 9}

Today is a special day.

41 years ago today the world welcomed a little boy who would one day become an older brother.

My older brother. 

This brother who would tell my mother a few days after I was born to "take her back."

This brother who would one day need me to teach him to tie his shoes. 

This brother whom I looked up to and wanted to play sports with all the time. 

This brother who used to pretend to be my twin. 

This brother who introduced me to great music and took me to amazing concerts almost every weekend as a teenager. 

This brother who inspired me to go on my first mission trip and to pursue being a full-time missionary. 

This brother who shares my love of reading and movies. 

This brother whom I love and want to wish a very happy birthday!

Will you all help me wish a happy birthday to my brother?

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