Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Struggle {Day 7}

It is nearly 11AM (EST) and I just now have a moment to write. It's been that hectic of a day. 

And here's the thing... There mare any words, sentences, and paragraphs swirling through my mind. Yet I can't put them on paper. Or on this blog. Not now. 

The past two days have been such a struggle. Not to write. But in life, relationally. 

Words I don't want to say seem to spill out of my mouth before I even have a chance to catch them. 

I want to take them back, yet the words spoken are true. But they're not helpful to the situation. 

On the other, there's so much good that's happened these past two days. Beautiful, wonderful things. 

And these things should be celebrated! Maybe even shouted from the rooftop. Because God is glorified in what's happening. 

And so He will also be in the difficult. When one day these ashes are made into something beautiful, others will know that it was He who made it. 

Are you struggling today? Can I pray for you?

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