Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm Doing It {Day 8}

Day 8 of the #write31days challenge and I'm loving it! My posts haven't been anything profound, and my writing sure isn't pretty, but you know what? I'm doing it! And that is all that matters.

With that said, I've also been doing a lot of reading. There are so many other writers doing this same challenge, and it's amazing to see the community that is forming. Writers encouraging one another every day to keep writing. To focus not on finding their audience or following a set of rules or how to increase traffic. But to keep writing. To type out the words that are so close to our hearts and just have to get out. The stories of life, love, family, friends, faith.

I'm not sure what The Nester intended when she set this challenge before the world, but it's a beautiful thing!

As I've read through post after post, it's been humbling to see that others are going through similar situations. Whether they're struggling through life and challenging themselves to find the good in the midst of their crappy situation or if everything is hunky-dory and they're loving life with all the ups and downs that come their way, we're all so similar. We're all living a story. A beautiful, brave story.

Your words matter. You're giving a voice to those of us who sometimes need to know that someone else is going through something similar. You're telling us that it's OK to cry, to laugh, to grieve, to rejoice.

Keep telling your story, writer! Be brave. Every. Single. Day.

What are you afraid to write? Do the world a favor and be brave. Write those words!

If you're joining me for the first time, this post is Day 8 in the 31 Day Challenge. Find more of my posts here or go check out some of the other hundreds of writers over here!


Denise Dilley said...

I've been discovering the same thing...God has been sharing the same thing with so many of us and I love how common the thread but how differently it's being woven.

Denise Dilley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Tabitha!

Yes, common but unique! :)