Sunday, October 12, 2014

Reminder {Day 12}

"There's nothing worth something that won't involve struggling."

There is so much truth to this statement. Things of value, of immense worth, often are the result of struggle. 

Like diamonds, for example. They are created under intense pressure and heat. 

It's interesting how something so beautiful, so pure, can be created out of such an immensely painful process. 

Pressure and heat, for diamonds, might not be painful. But for us humans, the fire burns. The pressure becomes too much to bear. 

On Friday I wrote about how much God cares for us, and yesterday how He sustains us. 

Today I'm reminding myself that those words I wrote are true. That He cares for us and He sustains us. 

He cares for me.

He sustains me. 

When the fire gets too hot and starts to singe my hair, He is with me. When the pressure begins to push me down, He holds me up. 

Those things, those people, I'm fighting for?

They are worth the struggle. 

Even as I type these words and waffle back and forth wondering if I can continue the fight. 

I fight because He fights with me and for me. 

Are you struggling today? Know you're not alone!

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