Saturday, October 4, 2014

Savor {Day 4}

Most days life keeps me busy. From work to church to meetings to serving in the community. My days are jam-packed full of stuff. Good stuff. God stuff even. But sometimes I just need to slow down. To take time to breathe and maybe not do anything at all. 

Today was one of those slow, easy kind of days. I slept in way later than I thought I would then slowly eased myself into the day. 

The best part of the day was this evening when I got to hang out with three of my nephews. Though I've always wanted a little girl, the tomboy in me loves these little dudes. Throwing a football and building tents and swords fights; that's what life is all about as a kid. Being creative and living in the moment. 

It's these kinda moments I just want to soak in and savor. 

Truly, there's nothing like cuddling on the coach after a fun-filled day with three little boys, giggling as we watch tv. 

Sometimes life is hectic and difficult. It can be so easy to forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. I don't want to life to be so busy and full of stuff that I forget what really matters. 

I want to savor each and every moment. Especially ones like these. 

How was your Saturday? Did you take time to savor the moment?

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