Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How Toy Story of Horrors Inspired Me {Day 15}

Do you ever get inspired by the weirdest thing?

Sometimes I do. 

Tonight was one of those nights. Toy Story of Horrors was on ABC and I was scrolling through Pinterest at the same time. Mr. Potatohead was missing and Jessie was getting ready to hop in a box, scared to death, in an effort to save him. Then I scrolled by the above graphic on one of Compassion International's boards. 

Inspiration hit so I decided to write my sweet little Compassion child!

Sweet girl is ten years old and lives with her family in India. She lives in a small village on the east coast. If we think the economy is bad here, imagine what it's like there. Most folks live on less than $2 a day. Thankfully she receives an education, healthcare, and learns about Jesus through the Compassion program. 

But just like any other 10 year old, I am positive there are days when she is afraid. So I told her the story of Jessie from Toy Story of Horrors. How she overcame her fears in order to help save Mr. Potatohead. I also told her of Joshua from the Bible and how he had to be brave and strong. And how The Lord was with him.  

Then I told myself the same story. 

Because sometimes I'm afraid. 

Afraid of change. 

Afraid of failing. 

Afraid of being alone. 

But these two seemingly unrelated stories remind me it's possible to overcome my fears. Because He is with me, I can be strong and courageous. 

I can be brave. 

What weird things have inspired you lately?


Denise Dilley said...

Yep we all can be brave! Especially when we are afraid! God promises that God will always be there for us!

Denise Dilley said...


I'm so so thankful He is always with us! He makes me brave.