31 Days Challenge

For the past couple of weeks I've been joining up with the Five Minute Friday community where we write for five minutes. No more, no less. No worrying about backtracking or editing. No need to be perfect or polished.

Simply writing. 

It was there where I discovered the challenge to write for 31 days. It's an idea The Nester conjured up several years ago and has grown into this massive movement of writers doing what they do best - writing. 

I love the written word. Books, magazines, heck, even Facebook. Words make up stories, sometimes beautifully broken and other times tragic and twisty and maybe even happily-ever-after lovely.

Most of the time I'm the one reading the words. Escaping into someone else's reality instead of writing my own. But I'm also a writer. I've blogged off and on for years. There's even a partially written book tucked away on my computer's hard drive waiting to be finished. Not to mention the story of a brave women whose life changed the world which stays close to my heart, waiting for the day when pen will meet paper in order for her story to be told once again. 

But lately I've felt the urge to get words out, to tap something out on the keyboard, even if it's just a sentence or two. There are words aching to be poured out, to be shared with the world. 

Because words matter. 

Stories matter. 

Words create stories.

And stories are the lives we live. 

So this month, I'm accepting the challenge to write for 31 days. Each day I'll sit at a keyboard or tap out words on my iPhone. I'll write from the heart and share my words, my life. It may not be profound or pretty, but it's me. 

Simply writing.


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  1. Great stuff - keep it up! I look forward to reading more.